_MG_5721Mulroy Music was founded in 2008 by Patrick McBride to facilitate the teaching of music, mainly traditional, in Milford and the surrounding areas. Patrick felt that the lack of music teachers teaching in the area had led to a decline in the number of people playing music. Having personally experienced the vibrant music scene in other parts of Ireland and in other countries, especially the UK and specifically London, felt that the best way to address the problem was to provide a premises and organisation to facilitate the teaching of traditional and indeed all types of music in the area. The result is Mulroy Music.

Having enjoyed a very successful first year with large numbers of children and adults participating in various classes we have added more classes yearly and indeed now offer a large and varied number of classes for children and adults from complete beginners to competent players. 

The next problem to arise was where to source a comprehensive range of good quality instruments to suit all abilities from beginners to accomplished musicians with the comforting backup of a top quality tuning and repair service and where one could trade in an old or beginners instrument against new or better instruments. Unfortunately the answer to that question was nowhere.
But now due to the enterprise of Patrick and his wife Patrice the old family home has been converted into just that place, a shop where you can view a wide range of excellent quality new and used instruments at unbeatable prices, which offers guarantees on all instruments sold and that also provide a tuning and repair service second to none. So now, if you need your box tuned or new hair on your bow then Mulroy Music is the only place to go.